Hit the the road...

 before the road hits you!

Beat three procedurally generated tracks of increasingly bogus difficulty and escape to the totally rad promise land.

How to Play

Use a mouse or gamepad to play.

Click to jump, release to snap back down.

Collect pink diamonds for extra time!

Jump through blue hoops to gain a heart (3 max)

Drive over blue arrows to get a speed boost.

You lose speed in air and only gain speed on ground!

M - Toggle Music

Esc - Exit Level

Space - Pause

Home - Dweety Dweet Minigame

Made for Lowrez Jam 2019

Post Jam Fixes...

  • 8/18 Change time pickup to cubes so they are more visible.
  • 8/19 Fix track spawning bug, reduce mouse sensitivity.
  • 8/20 Tweaked some visuals for better readability.
  • 8/22 Reduced tall pillar collision radius to match visual.
Release date 92 days ago
Made withThree.js
Tagslowres, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Retro, retrowave, Synthwave, threejs
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilityOne button


BogusRoadsSource.zip 6 MB


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wow, the last level is really hard, but i love this game


Very fun and addictive! I really liked the art style in the game and the music was so good. The way the music got faster as you also got more speed was a really nice touch. Overall a very fun and challenging game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Awesome. Here's a simple bot script:



This game is cool! 20/41/25 are my scores. The second level was the hardest in my opinion. I like how the song speed is related to the speed you are currently moving at.

Thank you!  I also noticed that for some reason the 2nd level seems harder. I'm not sure why.


Cool wheel-driving game, few levels but are very difficult.