This game is somewhat based on a TI-82 game I made a long time ago, and that game was based on an old game called "Darwin's Dilemma". I have added some new twists and a really nice way of randomly generating solvable levels.

The random level generation is the best feature on display here. It generates solvable levels that gradually increase in difficulty. They may seem easy at first but trust me, they start getting surprisingly tough. In fact, it gets so hard that I actually made a whole feature to solve the puzzles for me!

The levels will continue forever though they get more complex and there are new mechanics introduced at level 10, 20 and 30 for anyone that gets that far. You can also go down a level, and when you do, some new options open up.

I threw this whole game together really fast over the past few days with the main goal of making 1K version, which I submitted to JS1K. You can check it out here. It ended up being so much fun that I decided to make this enhanced version!

Please comment below on what level you got to. I think it starts getting seriously tough around level 20. I'm also looking for any ideas for new mechanics or other modes.

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