Mouse = Steer     Click = Brake     Double Click = Jump     R = Restart     M = Toggle Music

Reach checkpoints to get more time.     The road ends at 1000.

This entire game is under 2k when zipped! Made for 2kPlus Jam. The theme was "shift" which I incorporated by shifting hue when a checkpoint is reached. This version is enhanced with gamepad and touch support, music, sound effects, and a few other small enhancements. 

You can play the 2k build on GitHub. I also wrote a full postmortem and technical explanation of how the code works.

2k Version Features

Retro style 3D rendering engine in full HD
Realistic driving physics and collisions
Random level generation with increasing difficulty
Gradient sky with sun and moon
Procedurally generated mountain range
Random trees and rocks
Checkpoint system, road markers, and hue shift
Time and distance display
Title screen with game name
Off road camera rumble

Plus Version Features

Attract mode
Starting countdown
Distance record saving
Gamepad support
Improved HUD
Pause button
Sound effects with ZzFX
Music made with FL Studio

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tagsinfinite-runner, javascript, jumping, tinycode


Download 1.9 kB


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pretty awesome


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Awesome classic racing gameplay. Lots of fun and cool art style.

Thanks! ✌️


that was really cool! i do say that i'd prefer it without the obstacles, that would be a more relaxing game. but this is cute as it is(:

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Thank you! I was not originally planning on obstacles, but due to the size limitation it was necessary to improvise. This way I get scenery and obstacles at the same time. I will add more modes to the plus version soon though, one without obstacles just for you.


That makes sense. I figured if you were trying to minimize memory then I knew the obstacles had to be there for a reason (O:

Thank you!


its not really letting me in when i go in the launch it turns black how can you fix it

There was a bug on itch where it would start on a black screen the first time it loaded. Try again and let me know if it works.

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Performs / looks great on my iPhone (6) except controls don’t work. Any chance of touch support?

I was actually just working on this, I think I fixed it, try reloading!


Awesome thanks!