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Awesome classic racing gameplay. Lots of fun and cool art style.

Thanks! ✌️


that was really cool! i do say that i'd prefer it without the obstacles, that would be a more relaxing game. but this is cute as it is(:

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Thank you! I was not originally planning on obstacles, but due to the size limitation it was necessary to improvise. This way I get scenery and obstacles at the same time. I will add more modes to the plus version soon though, one without obstacles just for you.


That makes sense. I figured if you were trying to minimize memory then I knew the obstacles had to be there for a reason (O:

Thank you!


its not really letting me in when i go in the launch it turns black how can you fix it

There was a bug on itch where it would start on a black screen the first time it loaded. Try again and let me know if it works.

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Performs / looks great on my iPhone (6) except controls don’t work. Any chance of touch support?

I was actually just working on this, I think I fixed it, try reloading!


Awesome thanks!