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Why can't I steal the shopkeeper's stuff after I murder him? :/ Great game, by the way.


Good game I do 22:30 Speedrun i hate

when the seller gives me everything at 99 and then I have no weapons and I can't kill the boss at the end the download does not work for me I get the files but there is no file to extract apk to play the game is fun and very addictive

Is there a download available? I realize that might defeat the purpose of being open to Nintendo taking it down but I just don't want to see it go.

Hi, I added a download. :)


Day has been made.

Thank you!


Glad I got to play it :) 
I loved Link's Awakening, a game with stages set up like this was so much fun.  More weapons and other upgrades would have been interesting, but ofc the theme of the game is The Legend of "Bounce Back"


Nice game, it was fun too play while still being a bit difficult


fun game, I went to level 9

Nice. If you play again you can warp to the level you died and keep your rubies!


Nice Game! Felt a bit too easy, but I enjoyed a lot. Thank you!

Thanks! If you beat it, you can unlock the speed run mode that is a bit tougher.