Spin Dash!

Happy holidays everyone! MAGFest is soon approaching where I will be showing my game in the MIVS section. I am still hard at work making last minute changes.

Over the holidays I watched some people play through the demo and took many notes for improvements. I just got done implementing most of them.

One of the biggest improvements is a new ability called Spin Dash. It is the first ability you get about 2 minutes into the game. It allows you to go from 0 to full speed in a flash. In lieu of a jump it functions as kind of a sideways jump and helps open up options for the player.

I have also made many other small to big tweaks to gameplay and level design. Adding more save points and improving areas that have frustrated players. I also added a something that helps train the player how to use burst fire, a door that will only open if shot repeatedly without overheating.

There is a ton more stuff I want to do and polish and only a few days left!

Here's a GIF of the elevator and an optional mini boss fight...



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