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Epic Adventure with Full 2D Planet · By KilledByAPixel


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Post MAGFest Update
I just uploaded a big update of the demo with improvements in every area! It's been a while since I got back showing my game at MAGFest. It went really well, ov...
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Spin Dash!
Happy holidays everyone! MAGFest is soon approaching where I will be showing my game in the MIVS section. I am still hard at work making last minute changes. Ov...
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Piroot Video Devlog 3 – Weapons, enemies, and level design
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Epic Adventure with Full 2D Planet
Laser Destruction
Check out this sweet laser effect! Red and blue blocks can be chipped away by a laser with accompanying shower of colored sparks...
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Lasers, Conveyor Belts, and Mini Bosses
I have made huge progress in the past few weeks. Previously I could speed run the demo in under 5 minutes. Now I've yet to get through it in under 15 minutes (I...
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π√ - Video Devlog 1 & 2
π√ (aka Piroot) is a metroidvania game that spans a fully realized planet. It is still very early in development but I've released a short demo here on itch...
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Please post any feedback you have about the demo here. This is a huge help for me. If possible post how long it took you...
started by KilledByAPixel Nov 06, 2018
4 replies
I am loving this game. It totally reminds me of Metroid and Super Metroid, but it has some very unique elements as well...
started by Schmidt Workshops Dec 25, 2019
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very cool :)
started by d3x3d Nov 06, 2018
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